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Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.

Imagination is more important than knowledge.

Intellectuals solve problems, geniuses prevent them.

Albert Einstein


Center for Socio Economic Studies (also known as CSEStudies or CSES) is established as an Research and Development (R&D) unit of National Socio Economic Society (a society registered with government of India under Registration of Societies Act 1860). CSES is a progressive R&D center which undertakes studies / research on Socio and Economic (SE) issues to provide innovative possibilities in the form of solutions to solve SE issues / problems.

CSES is to conduct interdisciplinary research in the development of possible solutions to the SE issues / problems and to encourage and support innovative research and activities that have significant potential value for the society, and to provide exemplary dissemination, training and support on SE issues.

CSES offers Consultancy, Solutions and Services for Socio Economic domain, in research and development perspective. Every problem needs a kind of database as a ground-reality, before attempting to solve it. Such database shall be the input which is then analyzed and attempt to solve the problem with possible approaches utilizing various simulation methods.

CSES with its profound knowhow and interdisciplinary research experiences stands at front to attack the SE problems with knowledge tools and removes the fog to give the problem a clear look. Problems of social or economic nature are also interpreted with scientific methodology and provide a technology touch. As Albert Einstein said (see in left pane) we try to apply imagination before applying knowledge.

CSES provides good opportunities for those who are interested in good future with knowledge-application research fields. Application of thoughts in solving real world problems shall be encouraged.


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